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Affordable Health Services

If you have been searching for a health center that has comprehensive services at affordable prices, you don’t have to look any further. At our health facilities, we offer everything from behavioral health to dental services for your entire family. When you seek health services at our clinic, you will receive the best patient care you have ever experienced. All our providers are experienced and skilled in treating you and your loved ones, so you can have a positive outlook for your future.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Although behavioral and mental health can be difficult issues to tackle, it is an area that Neighborhood Health Center handles with confidence and compassion. Our expert team of psychiatrists, licensed social workers, and certified nurse practitioners are dedicated to helping with your difficult issues, both in an outpatient setting. Some of our behavioral and mental health services include:

  • Geropsychiatric services
  • Adult psychiatric services
  • General psychiatric services
  • Outpatient psychiatric services
  • Counseling services

Primary Care

Whether you are single or have a family, primary care services are needed for you (and your entire family’s) health. A primary care provider (PCP) can be a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. When you choose to see a PCP at Neighborhood Health Center, he or she is involved in your health on a long-term basis. Our primary care services encompass:

  • Family care (all ages)
  • Internal medicine (ages 18 and over)
  • Pediatrics (ages 18 and under)
  • Geriatrics (ages 60 and older)

Care Coordination

If you or a loved one needs assistance in both understanding and managing chronic disease, then care coordination could be beneficial for you and your family.   At Neighborhood Health Center, our friendly care coordinators assist patients in fulfillment of the body, mind, and spirit. Care coordination is ideal for people who have recently received treatment for:

  • Heart failure
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Renal (kidney) failure
  • Pneumonia
  • Diabetes

Our care coordinators will teach you or your loved one to prevent avoidable hospitalizations, educate your family about the disease, and frequently provide support.

Dental Services

We at Neighborhood Health Center have partnered with Mid America Professional Group to bring you thorough dental services at affordable prices. No longer will you have to put off going to the dentist because it’s out of the way and too expensive; now, you can have your dental problems fixed without straining your bank account. The dental services we provide are:

  • Preventative dentistry
  • Basic cleanings
  • Fillings
  • Sealants
  • X-rays
  • Extractions


We understand that getting to your appointments can be a challenge, and we want to do everything in our power to help you make it to your visits.  Neighborhood Health Center has partnered with is Rose View Transit and Union County Transit to provide bus cards for patient that qualify to assist with bus fare.  We also have a gas card program if you have a car but can’t afford to make it to your appointment.

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