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Friendly Care Coordinators

Care Coordination provides support to patients and their families who have a chronic disease and are at high risk for hospital readmission by helping them manage their condition in the comfort of their own home. They assist in overcoming any barriers the patient may have in managing their care and coordinate with community resources to help patients get the tools they need to manage their chronic disease and prevent hospitalization.

This service is ideal for people dealing with:

Heart failure
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Renal (kidney) failure

Our care coordinators will work with you and your family to help you avoid hospital stays by better managing the condition through a healthy lifestyle.

What Are Care Coordinators?

A care coordinator is a professional from Neighborhood Health Center who is educated in chronic diseases and provides support for those who are at high risk for hospital readmission. Because a large part of a care coordinator’s job is to prevent avoidable hospitalizations, patient education is a main focus of their job. Not only that, but care coordinators also educate family members on chronic diseases, so everyone can learn to manage them together.

Care Coordinator vs. Caregiver

Care coordinators differ from caregivers in that they’re never directly in charge of your healthcare; this means they aren’t the people by your bedside, taking you outside for exercise, or dispensing your medications. Instead, they’re the ones who arrange your follow-up appointments after your hospitalization and attend them with you to ensure all information is correctly understood by all parties.

When you feel like you’re running into trouble with your chronic disease, your care coordinator is also the person to turn to for help. The coordinators at Neighborhood Health Center are trained to differentiate between non-serious and life-threatening symptoms. Don’t hesitate to give your personal care coordinator a call when you feel like something is wrong, they’ll give you the appropriate instructions for further action if necessary.

The Goals of Care Coordination

When it comes to patient care, Neighborhood Health Center aims to provide the best health services. Our main goal is to keep you and your family members out of the hospital as much as possible, which is why our goals entail:

  • Preventing avoidable hospitalizations
  • Coordinating the care between all professionals involved and you
  • Giving family member and caregiver education of your chronic disease
  • Supporting you constantly with clear and frequent communication
  • Helping lessen any obstacles in managing your chronic illness at home
  • Connecting you with valuable community resources or agencies

Never Be Alone in Your Journey

The most important part of a care coordinator’s job is ensuring you are never alone while battling with your chronic illness. Even if everyone involved is fully educated about your illness, it can still be hard to get seamless health services lined up so you are never in pain for too long or need hospitalization.

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